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Tales of Collapse

Markus Neuwirth’s first chapter of his Tales of – concept album trilogy explores the rise and fall of an imaginary society within the archetypes utopia and dystopia and general themes of political philosophy. Conceived 2019, the original idea to create a „film score for reality“ in order to reflect developments in society got all too close to real-life events in the following years. Rather than intending social criticism, the composer aims to use these themes purely to create contemporary program music that invites the listener to escape reality through concious reflexion thereof. The combination of a jazz trio and string quartet creates a sonic world merging elements of contemporary jazz, european music, minimal music and metal into a distinct original sound.

High Touring Collective

Jan Krizanic’s High Touring 6tet invites the audience to let go of expectations – to listening experience, to jazz and and an album, and to enjoy the experience of the moment instead. The members of the collective are active in the european scenes of jazz and creative music.
His album explores a spectrum of genres ranging from jazz, rock, electronic music to performance art.


In a vocal- and piano-duo Jan Lovšin and Markus Neuwirth explore both original compositons and established jazz standards within a musical aesthetic that could be best described as a fusion of european jazz, classical music tradition and experimental music.